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IT Solutions
for Your Business

In the past 20 years, ERTEL consulting has had the opportunity to assist our customers in a very wide variety of branches. 

Industry & IT

Working many years with Industry giants like Siemens or ABB, ERTEL Consulting was not only able to participate in multiple Carve-Outs, but was also a key figure in maintaining a project portfolio and insuring financial visibility.

Banking & Insurance

We are proud to have assisted large financial institutions such as Deutsche Bank and Axa Insurance. Whether to take on management responsibilities during major global transitions, or to simply help the customer better understand where efficiency gains can be made in the core business, we successfully completed each and every challenge to  our customers satisfaction.


At Amadeus Group, we were positioned to develop processes to govern a new project portfolio platform, beginning with demand management and throughout the project lifecycle.


Ertel Consulting was on the scene to help large telecommunication companies like Telefonica set up a new internal user service desk as well as during global transitions. 


At ERTEL Consulting, we also believe in giving back to the community. That is why we gladly take on the role of trainer. Whether the topic is IT Infrastructure, project management, ITIL, or Management Skills, we are happy to take the time to teach the next generation from our experience.

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