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New Hires

Starting up a new venture can be both invigorating as well as frightening. ERTEL Consulting has assisted multiple start-ups to create a stable foundation in which to drive their core business. We have many years of expertise in many different branches, so if you are a thinking of creating a start-up, we can help you define your IT requirements and prepare you for founding the right form of company. Even if you  already have a small business in which you want to improve your efficiency, we are ready to help you.

Whether you are unsure about aspects of your IT and business processes or if you need a hand to support your IT on a regular basis, we would be happy to be a part of your story.


Our Services

Interim Management

We have many years of experience working in senior management positions even with direct employee responsibilities. 

Transition & Restructuring

Over the last decades, ERTEL Consulting has been involved in a multitude of transitions and reorganizations, including:

  • In/Out Sourcing

  • Carve Outs

  • Global Restructuring

Portfolio & Project

The pulse of any business is its project portfolio. From demand management to project completion, one of our core competencies is developing and managing the portfolio. 

Financial & Workforce

One of our strengths is coordinating the yearly fiscal budget planning process as well as the routine budget monitoring. We also specialize in structuring the Workforce planning to gain an optimal productivity balance. 

Managed IT Services

Whether the business is B2B, B2C or internal employees, with a strong background in ITIL service management, we understand the intricacies of IT as a Service.

Start-Up Assistance

If you are planning a startup business or just unsure if you are getting the most from your IT business processes, we would be happy to join you on your adventure. We have helped many new companies successfully set up their IT and business.

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